Celebrating our 25th Anniversary with Music – Featured Artist Dov1

We are proud to announce that Muti Music recently released the “25 Years Of Earthdance Compilation” with 25 awesome tunes to celebrate our 25 years of existence and events!  Additionally, we have new anniversary celebration t-shirts available at Earthdance Global.  Read more below! 

This compilation is infused with the spirit of the Earthdance legacy! The music includes an exciting and diverse mix of: electronic dance music, funk, hip hop, Dub, DJs. and much more!

Featured artist: Dov1
Dov1 has often been comfortable to be working in the shadows, but his influence filters our through the music on his labels. As a producer his sounds are rooted in heavy bass and a blending digital and organic textures. He does not have restrictions of one type of Bass music, due to the fact he has journeyed through many incarnations of Bass music as the genres arise, often pioneering the genres on his label, Muti Music.  Read more: 

In his role as founder & owner of Muti Music, and the other labels he has / does play roles in; Medicine, Producer Dojo, Cyberset, Earthdance, EyePhunk and Fuel Records, he has helped define the sounds coming out of the US west coast, often serving a as bridge for cross continental influences and collaborations to happen. His ‘Clipping Paths’ compilations series has served as a launch pad for emerging sounds, the original compilation led to a groundbreaking evolution in west coast bass music sound.

Who else is on the the compilation?  The album also features: Afterlyfe & Supertoniq ft ft AshEL SeaSunZ, Android Dreaming, Ape Suit, BassTemple, Beat Kitty, Bósa, 笑琴 Chill Qin, dela Moon, Desert Dwellers, DJ Celeste Lear, Dov1, DRMWVR& Androyd., Empress SunBow, FarfetchD, Fort Knox Five, Giant Ibis, Häana, Intersect & JPOD the beat chef Liquid Bloom & Tribone (Kaya Project Remix), Medicine Drum, Mimosa, Naughty Princess, Red Giant Project, SIDECAR TOMMYand SOOHAN. 

Download or stream here:

Deep Green Attends Emerald Cup

Last weekend, a Deep Green attended The Emerald Cup. Eleven Deep Green Cannabis Breeders including, Sticky Fingers Seeds, “Weed Should Taste Good”, Ziplock Seeds, and more were among the nation’s top craft breeders  Deep Green was also a part of the first-ever Emerald Cup.  More than 20,000 people attended that event. 

As part of the Earthdance Anniversary events, Deep Green has kicked off its series of trade shows across the nation and is offering monthly discounts on heritage seeds for Earthdancers. 

Deep Green Genetics (DGG): Each month, DGG is representing a featured breeder. December’s featured breeder is: Conscious Cultivators. Earthdancers can get 30% off the entire Conscious Cultivators Seed collection in December. Shop seeds now.   Use discount code: ED/DG420

Earthdance Partner Event: Global Coherence Pulse

December 18th, 2021 – 12pm PT, 3pm PT, 8pm GMT

This Month’s Theme: Sounding a New World Into Being
Experiencing an Inner Practice for Authentic Expression in the World
Guided by Chloe Goodchild 

Sound is the ground of consciousness. Your sovereign voice holds an essential key in lifting the consciousness of human life on Gaia. For the aborigines of Australia, NOW is the time for humanity to, ‘Sound a New World into Being’. Founder of The Naked Voice, Chloe Goodchild will initiate this vision for the Global Coherence Pulse and Winter Solstice 2021 on December 18th

Come and discover the simple transforming, medicinal power of your own true voice – spoken sung and silent – as we gather together in a safe all-inclusive ‘singing field’ sourced from deep non-judgemental listening.  Chloe will share simple accessible spontaneous ways to embody, to heal, to receive and express your whole voice. Embody your sound with conscious core practices, sourced from self-inquiry, sacred utterance, mantra, wild prayer, choral song, devotional love poetry. Take away a new perception of your voice as a sacred conduit for self-rememberance, and unconditional loving Presence. Come and Sound a new world into Being together.
Register here.

Earthdance Partner Event: Saturday Night Alive

Partner Event: As we approach the Winter Solstice, it is a Holy Day Season for most of us. We review the year that is ending and prepare for a New Year. It’s an especially important time to look for guidance and wisdom from those who light the way for us. Our collaboration with the TwinRay Shekinah & Sananda has been one of the highlights of 2021. We are dedicating our Dec. 18th show to honoring Beloved Spiritual Teachers of the Past & Present. Each of our Luminaries will be sharing about THEIR inspirational teachers that influenced them in wonderful ways. As we honor and give respect to these amazing spiritual teachers, we reflect that the bottom line message is consistently similar. We find that the Ultimate teacher, the Supreme Guide is always LOVE. Register now at www.GlobalPeaceTribe.com. If you’re new to SNA use Promo code: FREESEASON. @SaturdayNightAlive.GlobalPeaceTribe

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